Quick Answer: What Was The Top Selling Car In 1976?

1976 Dodge Aspen R/T Don’t laugh—it was Motor Trend’s Car of the Year in 1976, and the 360ci-equipped R/T was about as quick 0-60 as the L82 Corvette the same year.

The Dodge Aspen and its twin, the Plymouth Volare, were known as the F-Body, and replaced the A-body that came before it..

What was the best selling car in 1975?

Best-selling cars 1975Pos.ModelSales1Ford Cortina106,7872Ford Escort103,8173BMC Mini84,6884Morris Marina78,6326 more rows

What did a loaf of bread cost 1976?

In 1976, a gallon of milk cost $1.68, eggs were 97 cents a dozen, and Eight O’Clock Coffee was $1.69 for a one-pound bag. Chicken breasts were 89 cents a pound, a one-pound package of Blue Bonnet Margarine cost 39 cents, and three 20-ounce loaves of white bread were $1.00.

How much did a new car cost in 1977?

In other words, cars costing $15,000 in the year 1977 would cost $30,596.47 in 2020 for an equivalent purchase.

What was the top selling car in 1977?

Chevrolet Impala/CapriceUSA 1977: Chevrolet Impala/Caprice takes the lead, Ford F-Series now best-selling truck. After two years of Oldsmobile domination, the Chevrolet Impala/Caprice takes advantage of its downsizing to become America’s best-selling vehicle and passenger car with a whopping 657,151 sales, up 45% on 1976.

What was the top selling car in 1969?

1969: Plymouth Roadrunner This model was designed as a low price, basic option for those wanting to muscle their way into the next decade.

What was the top selling car in 1979?

Oldsmobile Cutlass1979: Oldsmobile Cutlass In 1979 the Cutlass was, once again, America’s favorite middle-class car.

What was the best selling car in 1962?

Chevy ImpalaThe Chevy Impala was the most popular car in 1962.

What was the best selling car in America in 1975?

Oldsmobile CutlassTop 30 best-selling American Passenger Cars in 1975PosModelSales 19751Oldsmobile Cutlass324,6102Ford Granada291,1403Chevrolet Chevelle276,2064Ford Pinto271,88026 more rows•Oct 30, 2011

How much was a Coke in 1976?

A Look Back At Food Prices In 1976. How Much Have Food Prices Really Increased In The Last 40 Years?Product1976 PriceApproximate 2016 PriceStarkist Chunk Light Tuna – 6 ½ oz. can.491.698 O’Clock Coffee – 1 lb.1.694.99 (12 oz.)Duncan Hines Brownie Mix – 19 oz..794.49 (18 oz.)Coca Cola – 64 oz..691.59 (2 lt.)13 more rows•Jul 23, 2016

How much was a Camaro in 1976?

History of the 1976 Chevrolet Camaro Production totaled 182,959 units, with 38,047 105hp, six-cylinder Sport Coupes at $3,762, 92,491 140hp, 305 cid V-8 Sport Coupes at $3,927, and 52,421 Type LT Sport Coupes at $4,320.

Our Top 10 Cars Of The Seventies1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302. … 1970 Dodge Challenger. … 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS. … 1970 AMC Rebel ”The Machine” … 1971 Datsun 240Z. … 1972 Plymouth Road Runner. … 1974 BMW 2002Tii. … 1977 Cadillac Coupe DeVille.More items…•

Which car company sold the most cars in 1950?

ChevyA: Ben, thanks for the nice words and you are indeed correct that Chevy was the top seller. Matter of fact, Chevy outsold second place Ford by over a million cars, 13,419,048 to 12,282,492.

What was the fastest car in 1976?

Super Corvette0-60 mph StandingsRankYearModel11976Super Corvette21976308GT31976B210 Racer41976Turbo Carrera17 more rows

How much did a new car cost in 1976?

DETROIT, June 6 (AP)—The American consumer paid an average $5,450 for a new car in 1976, $700 more than in 1975, according to an annual survey by the National Automobile Dealers Association.